Confusing Shadow with Substance installed at Da Gadderie

Having spent a hectic few weeks since sometime in early June traveling from Sheffield to collect Jo and Rob with cameras, microphones, tripods, Wellington Boots, etc., and on to Shetland.... to film, record, organise people, research for more information, and source equipment.... then traveling back on a rough sea crossing with no sleep to be had, back to Sheffield to edit sound and film, anxiously await 16mm film to be processed and delivered ... buying projectors and procuring various bits of equipment...from Bristol and Sheffield... and in between panicking, setting up an exhibition of my Arctic work (with a little help for my friends)...
Arctic Air - Janette Kerr - exhibiting at the RWA Bristol
Arctic Air - Janette Kerr - exhibiting at the RWA Bristol

and doing a fair bit of even more traveling about.... and finally, having spent an unexpected unscheduled night and a day in Aberdeen with a bit of sight-seeing thrown in...

we boarded our North Link ferry and arrived back on Shetland by the skin of our teeth to high-tail it to the museum.

We've spent the last 5 days installing... returning home each night to fall asleep exhausted.
It's got to be 18% grey

And today - Saturday July 22nd - we've finally got there... it's up and running and open to the public. I think we're quite pleased with it.
3 screen and sound installation
You'll have to come to Da Gadderie to get the full immersive experience and hear sounds and see more images. You've got until August 27th to get here.

Thanks to Creative Scotland for funding the project and to Shetland Museum & Archives and Shetland Arts for all their support


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