Trials and tribulations

We've spent the last few days on Stenness beach wandering, looking, thinking, discussing and experimenting with sounds and images, supported by the very able sound man Rob Gawthrop. 
Jo Millett & Janette Kerr
Rob Gawthrop recording

Jo sounding the bell
Currently trying out different bell sounds.. having found reference to a bell marking the beginning and end of work sessions at the fishing station.

' The curing and drying of fish taken at the Stenness Haaf  is ... conducted with great regularity, a bell ringing for the cessation and resumption of labour'.

High views 

Kite flying trials are underway. Lack of wind (surprising on Shetland) is hampering progress. But that can change pretty rapidly.

The problems of having a GoPro on the end of a kite up in the air and being taken wherever the wind decides to pull is that you never know what you are the results are hit and miss, but still, a slightly random approach makes for a more abstract image. 


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