Confusing shadow with substance

Confusing shadow with substance is a collaborative project exploring aspects of Shetland’s relationship with the sea and the past, and focusing on Stenness, one of the many once thriving fishing stations around Shetland’s coastline.
Inkster's Böd, Stenness 

Janette Kerr, a painter, and Jo Millett, a moving image & sound artist are making a multi-screen video & sound installation to be shown in Shetland Museum's exhibition space, Lerwick - 22nd July – 27th August 2017

Site of Stenness fishing station

We are investigating traces – tangible and intangible – of a fishing station where hundreds of men worked and lived for the summer months during the 18th & 19th centuries.
Stenness beach, image courtesy of Shetland Museum & Archives
In the passage between fishing grounds (the far haaf) and shore we are re-imagining activities and sounds.  


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